We Help Single Men To Meet, Date & Have Fulfilling Relationships With Fun, Attractive Women

We break down the process of becoming a charismatic, charming man into a structured, step-by-step process.

You are getting a clear, structured guidance to overcome your fears, objections and challenges of speaking and flirting with attractive women.

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Charm isn't magic, it is a learnable skill

AttractionSwitch.com helps guys understand why they couldn't attract women in the past, and gets them
focused on small actions to overcome social anxiety and master attraction in any social situation with women.

We help shy, women-repellant guys

This represents about 95% of guys all around the world. They can rarely get attention from attractive women, and even when they do, they have no idea what to say to be interesting, flirt and make women laugh. They accepted the "faith" of growing old lonely and marrying an unattractive, overweight and boring woman. They blame their average-looks, genes and low-income for lack of success with attractive women.

Become confident, charming men

This is a rare group of guys who understand Attraction and Women Psychology. They know that women are attracted to confident, positive guys with whom they can have interesting conversations and feel a deep emotional connection. They know that looks and money have very little to do with attraction, so they focus on learning observing and learning ways to flirt with and attract gorgeous women.

Here's how it works:

AttractionSwitch.com provides you with everything you need to be charming with and date attractive women. We:

(1) help you understand the psychology of attraction that's been proven by psychology experiments
(2) teach you the real-world-practical techniques and show you numerous examples and variations and then
(3) we provide an environment so you can play with women and get personalized support from our private coaches and other group members who are more experienced than you.

Understanding Psychology of Attraction

Before we dive deep into the techniques, we first help you understand how women think about and feel attraction for men. We are not talking about boring psychology research, but we turned science into practical, step-by-step instructions that are proven to give you the right foundation for success with attractive women.

Mental Reprogramming

We invented a new way to think when you are around gorgeous women you'd like to flirt with and date. This way of thinking will make you feel confident, fun and you will start enjoying being around attractive women.

Brotherhood Community

Fastest changes in life come from exposure to new, supportive environment. Join an active community of ambitious guys, collaborate, ask for their advice, hold each other accountable, make friends and have fun.

Expert Mentorship

We want you to succeed. So, whenever you have questions, you will have 24/7 access to our VIP coaches in our private Facebook group and weekly live Q&A's.

We invented a new way of learning, driven directly by students' results:

Most courses teach specific skills like conversation banter lines or attractive outfits. However, these incomplete courses cause frustration because guys don't have the foundations set right. To attract and date beautiful fun women, you need to learn the full stack.

1.  Attraction Psychology - beliefs, emotions, mirages
2.  Foundations - techniques, exercises, examples
3. Action Steps - apply, practice, share, teach
4. Environment - motivation, guidance, friends

Learn to attract and date beautiful women A-Z


Playfully talking with a girl, confidently looking into her eyes and smiling.

Walking confidently like Marloon Brando, with a playful smirk as you walk.

Feeling confident around a group of model-looking girls you just met at a party.

Feeling confident with women even if you are short and below-average looking guy.


Understanding women and why they weren't attracted to you in the past.

Sparking attraction by creating strong emotions as you talk to women.

Establishing trust and make women imagine themselves dating you.

Understanding how women feel attraction for men and how is it different than men's attraction.


Making women laugh all the time while casually flirting with them.

Always being positive and energetic when talking with attractive women.

Being star of the show in any social setting, even in groups of girls you just met.

Making amazing first impressions that women remember years after meeting you.


Mastering dates and making her obsessed over you after the first date.

Kissing a girl for the first time and escalating it into a sexual relationship.

Make it impossible for her to ever imagine herself with another guy.

Make your favorite girl obsess over you: she'll think about you, text you and call you all the time.


Getting over your ex without feeling miserable.

Getting your ex girlfriend back (if you want to).

If cheated on.. what to do if your girlfriend cheated on you with someone else.


What to wear to physically look more attractive.

Best hairstyle for your face structure and style.

Best glasses or sunglasses to look more attractive to women at all times.


Using Instagram to get dates with attractive girls.

Preselection photos for social media (4 images).

Templates and copy-paste flirtatious conversations Tinder/Text/Messenger


Most common questions answered by intimacy expert.

First-Timer techniques to be amazing the first time.

Advance mental and physical techniques that bring your moves to the next level.

Learning on your own terms

Learning on your own terms, at your own pace. You are getting a lifetime access to the program, and
you can access it on any device, from anywhere in the world where you have internet connection

Online learning platform

Watch the trainings in stunning 1080p HD resolution or listen to the mp3 audio files while you are driving or commuting. You can access the online platform from any device, 24/7 from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet.

VIP Live Q&A Coaching Calls

Once per week, Richard will be answering your questions live. That's your opportunity to ask questions or learn from questions other private students asked in the live Q&A.

Interactive VIP Community

Join small groups of Attraction Switch team members where you can start discussions with other guys, make friends to hold each other accountable for progress, get inspired and ask questions that you didn't get answered in the program.

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